Our Commitment

Our goal is to build a relationship with each client that lasts a lifetime. We offer services and advice from experienced technicians you can trust, and we believe your investment in technology should be an enjoyable experience.

To make that happen, we start with your expectations, and then provide you the education you need to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the technologies available. From there, our consultants will determine the design criteria imposed by your home or space and propose a realistic estimate of the time and material involved in your installation.

Once your solution is designed and approved, Digital Home Life will provide a schematic drawing of the foundational wiring systems involved in your project. The installation, configuration and calibration of your systems will proceed to completion and all controls will be programmed and tested.

Since nothing’s more frustrating than paying good money for something that should be fun rather than work, we’ll provide hands-on instruction of the user interfaces and documentation as required. In short, we won’t leave until you understand it, and we’ll come back again if you forget. We’ll recommend a regular maintenance schedule for your new system as well.

A good, working relationship that result in a durable, enjoyable and affordable system requires time and commitment as well as knowledge. A quick retail solution rarely delivers an experience our clients expect nor provides the personal service, warranty and support we offer. At Digital Home Life, we are ready to be the solution partner you are looking for – permanently. Technology will change and equipment will become outdated or fail. We want to be the company you rely on again and again.