Q: I don’t know what I want, can you help?
Often customers have only an idea of what they want and are looking for understanding of their options. Knowing their lifestyle and automation needs, Digital Home Life can design a their system.

Q: What is this Digital Media all about?
Many technologies are now available, including Audio/Visual, Entertainment, Security and Internet Access that can be integrated into the home to provide ease of use for a wide range of applications.

Q: I want everything to be wireless, is that possible?
Even though wireless devices are widely available, the backbone of any system is still made up of a bundle of wires and long runs of cable. Incorporated at an early stage of construction or remodeling, all the connections can be hidden, chased into the walls or disguised in furniture.

Q: Why do I need a consultant?
Today, even the simplest devices need setting-up, while the more complex equipment requires proper integration, custom configuration or special programming.

Q: Do you have warranties?
DHL has several warranties available; see our warranty page for details.


Q:What is it?
Structured wiring distributes a variety of data signals to electronics in the home, such as cable television, telephones and Ethernet computer networks. A structured wiring system is designed with “home run” cables from each room in the house back to a central distribution box.

Q: Do you need it?
Ideally, this network of specialized wires and cables is installed throughout your home during its construction, but it is possible to retrofit an existing home in preparation for or as part of digital home solution.

Q: Now or later?
For homeowners desiring a comprehensive home automation system, with a single PC coordinating HVAC, lighting, communications, entertainment, and security systems, this structured wiring is a necessity. But labor expended even for smaller projects can be expanded to include the basic wiring necessary for future services.


A Smart Home has easy to use, cutting-edge technology, personalized to fit the owner’s lifestyle and tailored to integrate with their interior.


  • A stunning music system, piping the highest quality sound through every selected room in your house. Perfect for entertaining.
  • A seamlessly planned home cinema experience that places your plasma or projection system into your living area.
  • A single remote control to operate all devices; push one button to select your activity, such as “Watch TV”, “Watch DVD”, “Listen to CD” etc.
  • Peace of mind through CCTV and video door entry.
  • The possibilities are endless for cutting-edge, future proof technology, connecting you and your home to the world around you.