About Us

With today’s advancing technologies, you can have your world virtually at your fingertips, but partnering with Digital Home Life can ensure that you have what you want – now and in the future.

Our History
Digital Home Life opened for business in 2002 to serve Dallas/Fort Worth. Our mission is to bring relationship to your home technology solutions. Digital Home Life has helped homeowners and builders throughout the Metroplex take advantage of new technologies in entertainment, convenience, and communication.

As a solutions partner to each of our clients, we custom design and install home systems, offering our expertise in electronics with committed customer service. And, instead of focusing on the products, we focus on the entire system — how it performs, how easy it is to use, and how it fits into your home. We aim to provide a solution so complete you can start using it right away.

Digital Home Life considers itself a different breed. Since product sales are not our goal, we are free to tailor our client systems to their needs, budget and taste. As a consultant, we guide each client to a final solution by helping them understand the technologies, available options, and best applications.

And – since a complete solution may involve other crafts and trades – we provide our clients with a team of proven partners to deliver a turn-key project. From additions to room remodeling and custom cabinetry, we provide a team you can trust.